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DarkAge is a MOD for Minetest that adds several new nodes and crafts to create a pre industrial landscape. It also extends the stones and provides new construction materials.


This a MOD for Minetest, a building freeware construction multiplayer game similar to Minecraft. DarkAge is an extension for the game, in the Minetest languange a MOD, it adds more stones, building material and furniture with the main intention to provide tools for create mediaval and pre industrial constructions. Of course, feel free to use them in any other building :P

It also provides more layers of stones. I tried not to turn mining in a rainbow, so don't expect to find them easily. There are two kinds of materials, stones, that spawns in layers at different deep and clay like materials (silt and mud) that you will find in water places. Silt and Mud are more easy to find than stone layers, but if you find one it will be a real mine, with all probability with hundreds of blocks.

I used mainly four square recipes to avoid collisions with other MODs, anyway I have not checked all them, so it is possible that another person is already using one or more of this combinations.

I also used Desert Sand and Desert Stone, because they almost are not used in the default version. Probably I will change this recipes in next releases.

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